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understand attitudes. Optimize decisions.

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Every human being has their own DNA.

Sustainability preferences are just as diverse and individual. With our solutions, sustainability becomes tangible as a decision or purchase criterion.

choyze Auge mit Regenbogen

choyze makes the essential visible.

Our solutions are always precisely tailored to your context, lean and scalable.

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    • Tailor-made solutions for the finance and insurance sector.
    • Determine clients' preferences in sustainable development.
    • Provide optimal financial and insurance products.
  • Home-Solution-graphic-ESG-collective
    • Determine sustainability status.
    • Use ESGcollective for preference analysis.
    • Sustainability preferences of employees & stakeholders.
  • Home-Solution-graphic-ESG-market
    • Integrating sustainability into strategy and decisions.
    • Unlocking new market potentials through targeted communication.
    • Implementing values into actions for target audiences.

Our decoding:
The existain cluster.

A cross-industry standard for the classification and typology of sustainability preferences.

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  • undecided

    ESG strategy

  • oriented

    ESG strategy

  • consequent

    E impact

  • refusing


  • skeptical

    Trend ESG strategy

  • open minded

    E impact

We create transparency on a solid foundation.

Our solutions are based on a self-learning algorithm based on expert assessments, scientific studies and a constantly growing database. The sustainability profiles result from different dimensions of the individual understanding of sustainability.

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  • Understand the attitudes of your stakeholders

  • Optimize your deliberations and decisions

  • Give sustainability a face

  • Make a contribution to eco-social transformation

  • For us, Choyze is the perfect symbiosis of experience in the insurance industry, technical innovativeness and pragmatism.
    Markus Prestin,  Business Unit Manager, Concordia Versicherungsgesellschaft a.G.
  • We help people make better financial decisions in a self-determined way. Sustainable solutions are an important part of this. With choyze, we will succeed even better in the future.
    Miriam Michelsen,  Head of Product Management Pension & KV, MLP Finanzberatung SE

Our vision
and goals.

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We want to drive sustainability: With this in mind, the focus of all choyze's actions and business activities is on making a contribution to environmental, social and corporate sustainability that benefits society as a whole. With our solutions, we want to specifically support people in making more sustainable decisions - completely independent of whether they are individuals or companies.

We place particular emphasis on the fact that there are no restrictions in terms of industry or products. In this way, we are able to offer our solutions on a large scale, so that everyone can benefit from our solutions.

The team

Interdisciplinary and with valuable experience: Our team consists of experts from the insurance and digital industries. Our competencies are composed of sustainability, statistics, programming and economics – complemented by a deep awareness of sustainability.


Do you have any questions or comments? We can be reached using the following contact details. Alternatively, please leave us your message in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.